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Canadian firms under-investing in training and development (T&D)

     "Organizations that invest in learning produce workers that are more innovative 
     and competitive in the global knowledge economy. Canadian organizations do 
     not fare well in employee training investments compared to other countries, 
     including the United States."
                                                     Source: The Conference Board of Canada

Spectrum MMC carried out a large independent market study with 
44 pharmaceutical companies to identify training needs. Results validated 
the importance of training. We offer a broad range of training services, via our Merlin Learning Centres, delivered by experienced trainers.

In the area of Good Clinical Practices (GCP) these topics include:
  • Principles of GCP
  • Regulations, guidelines and standards governing multinational (U.S., EU, Canada) clinical research (CR)
  • Clinical team roles and responsibilities
  • Strategic planning
  • How to:
              - Evaluate a site
              - Monitor effectively
              - Write monitoring reports
              - Deal with difficult situations and people
              - Negotiate
  • Establish Performance Targets (Site, Sponsor)
​              - Project and resource optimization
              - Ongoing evaluation of subject safety
              - Preparing for inspections
  • Who can benefit?
              - Clinical research study team
              - Clinical research coordinators
              - Clinical research associates
              - Investigators
              - Ethics Review Boards
  • Customized levels of training (beginner, intermediate and experienced staff)

Demographic trends suggest that productivity will be an increasingly important determinant of economic growth and commercial viability. To remain competitive employee training, learning and development are key to a company’s growth. The same is true for a company’s external stakeholder groups. 

Spectrum MMC and Merlin Learning Centres would like to be your StepUp Partner™ as GCP training is not a luxury but a necessity and a regulatory requirement. An acknowledged benefit is employee retention.  Training is a bottom line issue impacting your competitiveness and ROI.

“ We need programs that are relevant to real life in a lab, people know the basics but they need to know how to apply those fundamentals in a practical way.”

(CR Department Head, Large Co.)

“…but if it’s someone who can help to train CRAs to be CRAs, I’ll buy it.”

(CR Manager, Mid Size Co.)

“… from my point of view I’ve got to look at what this training will do for my people…If it can turn frogs into princes I’ll pay anything.”

(QC Director, Large Co.)

"If someone I trust suggest that I use someone, I usually will."

(RA Manager, Large Co.)