In a 1998 sector profile prepared for Agriculture and Agrifood Canada the industry was described in the following manner.

The natural health products “industry” is complex and must be differentiated from the natural health products “marketplace”. The natural health products industry may be defined according to the range of companies active in the industry, the range of natural health products, the characteristics of natural health products, and the philosophies of those in the industry. The Canadian natural health product industry includes enterprises that sell, distribute and manufacture products, preparations, and foods produced or grown from naturally occurring substances or sources as their prime activity.  

Major product grouping for the industry include:

  • Vitamins & minerals
  • Herbs & botanicals
  • Homeopathic preparations
  • Personal care products
  • Fresh & packaged whole foods
  • Organic foods & products
  • Sport nutrition and
  • Earth friendly products

Source: Agriculture and Agrifood Canada, 1998 Sector Profile

Evolution – Classification and Compliance

In 2004 Health Canada changed the regulatory landscape with the creation of the Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD). And the evolution began. There are products which in the past were classified as drugs and medical devices that are now defined as natural health products and products which appear to be natural health products that are classified as drugs or cosmetics. And increasingly food products are migrating towards natural health product status with medicinal claims. When does a yogurt containing probiotics move from being a food to being a natural health product? What are the compliance issues?

Spectrum MMC as a full service consultancy dealing with drugs, devices, cosmetics and natural health products has the experience to be your guide in helping companies successfully navigate product registrations. As an NHPD registered Trading Partner, we are structured to support electronic submissions. For companies entertaining entry to the Canadian market or requiring commercialization assistance our Product Stewardship Service™ can support your commercialization objectives.

Spectrum MMC can support and prepare all types of NHP submissions such as:

​          ○ Claims assessment
          ○ Product status (Food, Drug, Cosmetic, Natural Health Product)
          ○ Submission preparation
  • Product License Applications, Amendments, Notifications
          ○ Non-compendial submission
          ○ Traditional herbal medicines
          ○ Non-traditional
          ○ Homeopathic
  • Site License Applications
  • Response to IRN’s (Information Requests Notification)
  • Information services (Literature reviews, document retrieval and more…)

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