Functional Food, Nutraceutical or Just Plain Food
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Consumerism. Self-care. Aging population. These are the factors driving today’s life science and consumer health related businesses.

The healthcare environment is rapidly evolving. Chronic diseases due to an aging and sedentary population are causing changes in the consumption of healthcare. Healthcare is gravitating to preventative medicine from acute care with a focus on healthier living and managing risk factors. Self-care Consumerism has changed the landscape and delivery of healthcare. Consumers are knowledgeable and empowered regarding their health while the pharmaceutical and food industries are adapting to these evolutionary changes.

The food industry has changed its focus from not only promoting nutritional content to demonstrating how foods can reduce underlying disease risk factors. For the food industry, a prime example is the introduction of plant sterols in lowering cholesterol a factor involved in cardiovascular disease. How is your food product regulated? Is it just a food or does it go beyond to become a functional food or a nutraceutical?

Regulatory Oversight

In Canada products are regulated using numerous legislative instruments including:

  • Food and Drugs Act
  • Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act

It is the role of the Ministry of Justice to oversee the legal framework which is administered by Health Canada’s various agencies such as the Therapeutic Products Directorate, Natural Health Products Directorate, Canadian Food Inspection Agency. An experienced guide is helpful in your journey through the regulatory maze. Let Spectrum MMC be your guide.

Commercial and Regulatory Support

Spectrum MMC supports clients' commercialization and regulatory needs in a number of areas including:

  • Product evaluation (Functional food etc.)
  • Strategic assessment of health-related statements / claims evaluation: (Health, nutrient content structure/function claims etc.)
  • Label / advertising review
  • Government liaison
  • Counsel regarding compliance issues