The Essence of Beauty

Health Canada’s definition of ‘The Essence of Beauty’ is that all products entering the Canadian marketplace are safe and effective.

Many cosmetic products originate from foreign jurisdictions where regulatory requirements differ from the Canadian Cosmetic Regulations (2004). For instance, ingredient listing on product labels are to be executed in accordance to prescribed declaration formats. As global harmonization initiatives take hold specific requirements are outlined for compliance to the International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) and European Union standards.

Spectrum MMC can assist companies in commercializing their products to Health Canada’s requirements.

Therapeutic Claims - Drug or Natural Health Product (NHP)

Medicinal claims on a cosmetic product will qualify the product as a drug or NHP.  
A review of cosmetic labels prior to commercialization is a company’s insurance policy that all claims are permissible as cosmetics. Marketing healthcare products, health and beauty aids, in Canada like in any jurisdiction requires and understanding of the environmental factors impacting your potential for success.

Regulatory Resource

Spectrum MMC has been relied upon as a regulatory resource and as a valuable gatekeeper in supporting clients market entry to Canada. The support is driven by:

  • Regulatory assessment and counsel
  • Preparation of cosmetic notification applications
  • Labelling preparation / review and advertising reviews
  • Ingredient reviews
  • Government liaison

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