Commercialization, Marketing and Business Expansion

For companies large or small considering expanding to the North American market Spectrum MMC’s Product Stewardship Service™ should be considered as a strategic asset in your business development tool box. Combined with our Partnering for Growth™ initiative these business development capabilities provide market entry alternatives in an increasingly challenging environment.

The Product Stewardship Service™ is a service that addresses the needs of companies with products/services which have the potential to become significant money makers if only there was one more person available, or a few more hours in a day, or insight into an unfamiliar market. 


When you use our Product Stewardship Service™, Spectrum MMC provides the marketing resources you don't have available and supplies the hours you know aren’t at your disposal internally. We develop a business plan designed to capitalize on the product's/service's untapped potential yet, all the while, bearing in mind the impact any such plan will likely have on the long-term future of your business. We invest our time, our skills and our manpower on your behalf.

The following is a list of the activities that are performed by Spectrum MMC in its Product Stewardship Service™:

  • Market Assessment/Research and Analysis
  • Competitive Assessment and Analysis
  • Consumer/Customer Profile
  • Promotional Option Costing
  • Report (plan) Writing
  • Plan Updating and Revision
  • Product (Service) Monitoring
  • Brand Management
  • Due Diligence
  • Licensing (In/Out)

Partnering for Growth™

For companies who do not have a Canadian presence our Partnering for Growth™ business model opens the door to geographic expansion and business opportunities.

Spectrum MMC can offer the experience, commitment and the support structure to ensure that your product is a success. In tandem with our Spectrum Alliance Partners™ we are interested in commercializing products that are market ready. Canadian and foreign-based companies who have products in markets which are no longer core to your business, either therapeutically or from an economic perspective, are ideal candidates for our business model. Investigate your options today.

Product Stewardship Service™

                    Medical Market Consultants
Managing the Business of Science™
Experience. Service. Quality.
"I have worked with Spectrum Medical Market Consultants and its founder Wayne Bryant for over 20 years and I continue to be impressed by the depth of knowledge and expertise the company offers in all areas related to the life sciences industry.

My initial introduction to Spectrum MMC was in accessing their marketing and advertising services to launch products for two multinational pharmaceutical companies. As our relationship evolved, Spectrum MMC has been called upon to provide support in: regulatory affairs, input on clinical issues, strategic planning, information services, competitive assessment and analysis, as well as counsel on how to interpret regulations related to drugs, medical devices and other product categories.

Spectrum MMC and its personnel are seasoned veterans who understand how to deliver results in the highly regulated and complex life sciences market.

Based on my experience, I could not be more pleased with Spectrum MMC and its obvious expertise and commitment to serving clients and their needs."

D Manoli 
Life Sciences Industry
Montreal, Canada

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